Savings Goals

Take the work out of saving, let RoboSave do it for you!

RoboSave is driven by artificial intelligence; it's #1 goal is to comfortably set aside savings for you!

Benefits of RoboSave:

  • Secure
  • Save AUTOMATICALLY--no effort required!
  • Built right into Online and Mobile Banking
  • Uses artificial intelligence to analyze your spending habits and saving abilities
  • Create custom financial goals
  • Prioritize goals that mean the most to you
  • Funds are transferred to your Savings account, which means you have direct access to it

How does RoboSave work?

RoboSave analyzes your transaction history and creates a personalized safety net, based on that information. Then, it determines how much money you can save every couple of days and automatically transfers that money from your Checking to your Savings account (automatic transfers may be disabled). Using artificial intelligence (AI), RoboSave learns your spending habits and can adjust how much is saved.

You can also create, name, and prioritize financial goals. RoboSave will work to determine the amount of money that can be saved towards each goal and will apply those savings accordingly. You can also setup additional automatic contributions on a schedule that is comfortable for you. Once you have completed a savings goal (hooray!), it will automatically move down the priority line and start saving for the next goal.

Remember, the funds are being transferred directly into your Savings account, which means you have total control! If you want to spend or move some of your savings, you can simply make a transfer using Online or Mobile Banking! It's that easy!

Use RoboSave:

  1. Login to Online or Mobile Banking
  2. Navigate to Savings Goals
  3. Follow the simple on-screen RoboSave prompts to get started